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About Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar- Modern Indian Dining is pushing the culinary envelope to a more modern interpretation of Indian Cuisine. Join us in this dining experience where one has the comfort of dining with our signature dishes along with new explorations in Modern Indian Dining.

Spice Bazaar offers a interactive dining experience, in which the chef visits the diner with a trolley and prepares the dish by the table, feeding into the curiosity of the diner, along with tantalizing all the senses.

Kanika Vij-Bakshi & Simran

What started as a fun side investment by two foodies became a passion for bringing delicious food to Westfield, NJ. Kanika and Simran are keen on bringing Progressive Indian Dining to New Jersey.

Their goal is to change the perception of Indian Cuisine through their innovative dishes and dining experience.